September 25, 2015 at 03:12 PM EDT

As in any good romantic comedy, there has to be one final scene in which there’s a rush to ask one big question right before love conquers all. On Thursday’s episode of Late Night, Seth Meyers still had one final question to ask Anne Hathaway, and in rom-com fashion, hurried to ask her before she walked out the studio door and out of his life forever.

Following all the typical rom-com tropes, the segment had a down-on-his-luck Meyers chase after Hathaway, along the way mistaking his head writer in a wig for the actress and running into an all-knowing janitor (who doesn’t actually work there).

With stolen flowers in hand, Meyers finally reached The Intern star with his big question: “Is returning to the stage something you’d like to do in the future?”

“Oh yeah, definitely, if the right opportunity came up,” Hathaway told Meyers.

But Meyers had one more question:

“Was Robert De Niro a prankster on set?”

Watch the rom-com parody below.

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