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For Reign‘s third season, the drama won’t just be coming from France, but also from England when the show starts to tell Queen Elizabeth’s side of the story. However, that doesn’t mean we are leaving France in the dust. England or no England, viewers will still be just as entangled in the goings-on of French court as ever. And yes, we’re talking about the relationships.

With Francis’ illness seemingly having returned, Mary and Francis will be reveling in their new-found happiness. “We’re now dramatizing a health crisis for him,” showrunner Laurie McCarthy tells EW. “Francis, unlike the previous seasons, is going to move forward believing that his death may be imminent and he will make decisions accordingly. I think he and Mary will soon come to make decisions really believing that his time is limited, and what that’s going to give you is an incredible poignancy to their relationship and it’s also going to light a fire under both of them to achieve some things and to maybe take some short cuts that they wouldn’t otherwise take.”

McCarthy wouldn’t speak to how long Francis could have left, but she did promise that he and Mary are on great terms. “They’re happy and they’re really relishing every moment,” she said. “So fans who have been clamoring to see Frary, they’re going to get a lot of Frary. And it’s going to be heightened. It’s a heightened reunion.”

Elsewhere around court, Bash is still trying to understand just what Delphine did to him at the end of last season. “They will remain linked, not just romantically, but in an inexplicable way,” McCarthy said. “They’re going to have this really intense bond and she’ll be back.”

More importantly, Bash and Delphine will find themselves entangled in yet another dangerous story when a “dangerous presence” starts taking lives at French court.

Speaking to Bash’s ex, Kenna, McCarthy said her fate is “unclear yet,” but last we saw, she was leaving on a ship to go have a child.

And while we’re talking couples, we also have to touch on Lola and Narcisse. Narcisse ended last season by betraying Catherine. And now? “He’s going to turn toward Lola,” McCarthy said, adding, “but that is not going to go very smoothly.”

Not surprisingly, fans shouldn’t count Catherine out just yet. “He’s going to really be in hot pursuit of Lola but I think that his relationship with Catherine is not over,” she said. “I think Narcisse and Catherine are incredibly well matched. They’re well matched in battle; they’re well matched in bed; they’re well matched intellectually. But he loves Lola.” Talk about a complicated love triangle.

And last but not least, let’s not forget about Greer’s potential pirate love.

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Reign returns Friday, Oct. 9 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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