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Fashionably Late with Rachel Zoe

If you’ve been going bananas without Rachel Zoe on your screen, fear not: The celebrity stylist (and catchphrase factory) is returning to TV with a new late-night talk show, airing Thursday nights on Lifetime.

On Fashionably Late — which will shoot in the penthouse of Zoe’s Los Angeles office building — she’ll chat about the week’s best style and pop culture events with Vanity Fair’s Derek Blasberg, her husband Rodger Berman, and different guests, like actress Jessica Alba. We talked to Zoe about what we can expect from this “glamorous cocktail party” of a show:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How did the idea for the show come about? Why did you want to do a talk show, as opposed to another reality show like The Rachel Zoe Project?

I wanted to do a talk show because, to make it very simple, I love meeting people and talking to people, and I love having that direct, inquisitive interaction with somebody. After going on all of these press tours over the years, promoting various things, whether it was The Rachel Zoe Project or my book, Rodger would constantly say to me, as did my father, “Rachel, you’re the most comfortable on television when you’re sitting down talking to someone, just being yourself in conversation.” Rodger was always like, “I think this should be your next show.”

[Then] Rodger and I had a meeting with Eli Lehrer, who is one of the execs at Lifetime and had been involved in greenlighting my first show, The Rachel Zoe Project. Eli loved the idea, as did David Hillman from Lifetime, and they were like, “Let’s do a pilot.” We had so much fun filming the pilot, that I was like, “If this could be that much fun, to work and do a show, I’m in.” We couldn’t stop laughing the whole time — nothing was forced, nothing was scripted. It’s going to be a completely different experiment.

Will the guests always be somebody with good style, or who’s into fashion?

Not necessarily! At some point during the conversation, we will definitely talk about fashion and style, But it doesn’t have to be someone that cares that much about fashion, because sometimes that’s even funnier.

How did your friend Derek Blasberg get attached?

I really felt that I wanted someone who I could just have constant conversation and banter with, not just a guest, and I always like another opinion. I don’t want someone who always agrees with me. Derek I’ve known for many years, and he’s very funny, he’s very witty, and he’s very clever, and very quick. We literally can’t stop laughing. Its fun, and that’s the idea of the show: a kind of mind escape into talking about fashion and pop culture. We’ll play some fun games and that sort of thing, but there’s never negativity, or anything condescending.

What kind of games will you play? I loved “Trend or Tragic” in the show’s trailer.

It will have “Trend or Tragic” for sure, and then there are various little games that we’ll have each week that will change, but there will definitely be ones that are constant. There’s one that we played called “Would You Rather” which is kind of amazing. It’s just really quick free association, like: “Would you rather be stuck in an elevator with Tom Ford, or spill red wine all over Karl Lagerfeld?”

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Fashionably Late with Rachel Zoe premieres Thursday at 10:30 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

Fashionably Late with Rachel Zoe
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