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If Grey’s Anatomy star Kevin McKidd could take over the show for a day, he’d use his newfound powers to bring back a fan-favorite character: Cristina Yang.

McKidd, who plays trauma surgeon Owen Hunt in the long-running medical drama, helped kick off the show’s season 12 premiere — which he directed — by taking questions from fans in a #TGIT Q&A with Entertainment Weekly readers on Facebook. One fan asked him what he would do if he were series mastermind Shonda Rhimes.

“If I could be Shonda for a day, I’d bring Cristina back for a few episodes and see what that did to the relationships — and especially Owen,” McKidd answered, adding, “I would also introduce a long-running villainous character to the show.”

Cristina Yang, of course, was the cardiothoracic surgeon played by Sandra Oh, best friend and “person” to the eponymous Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), and for a time, love interest to McKidd’s Owen Hunt. Oh’s departure from the series left many fans dismayed.

“Cristina is just an awesome badass,” McKidd said, answering a separate question about his favorite characters.

Alas, McKidd is not Rhimes, but he teased another romance, which began developing in season 11: McDreamy’s little sister, Amelia Shepherd.

“The biggest thing I’m looking forward to this season is having more fun as Owen and exploring his relationship with Amelia,” the actor said.

Check out the full Q&A with McKidd to learn what’s next for the doctors and nurses of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

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