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Empire has officially returned for season 2, and Gabourey Sidibe — a.k.a. the ever outspoken Becky — will be recapping all of the drama week to week for EW. Read on for actress’ inaugural entry as she recaps the season premiere, “The Devils Are Here.” Like what you see? Send feedback to us at @EW and to Gabourey at @GabbySidibe.

Awwwwww s—!! Guess what happened last night! EMPIRE has finally come back for season 2!! Oh HAPPY DAY!! I assume that you saw it but before I make an ass outta you and me, I’ll tell you what you might’ve missed!

SOOO first, Lucious is STILL in the clink after his arrest in the finale! He’s been behind bars for 3 months so Cookie holds a Free Lucious concert to help to free him! Talmbout “We know Lucious didn’t do it!” Didn’t do it?!! Bitch, please! He did it! He did EVERYTHING! Put his ass UNDER the jail! But also, free him cuz he’s evil, but I still want him to win! Free Lucious FOREVER!!

In other news, Jamal’s ass is running Empire in LuLu’s absence and he’s making decisions about Hakeem’s album and Hakeem ain’t here for it. Hakeem’s knockin iPads out of hands and running to tell Momma! Meanwhile, Jamal is trying to keep the Empire afloat AND trying to get in the studio to work on his music. Becky’s fine ass is trying to help keep everything in line but she’s … perfect. She’s perfect.

Moving on! Oh! Back to that concert real quick, Andre brings Power Lesbian Mimi Whiteman to meet Cookie to discuss investing a ton of money into Empire so that Cookie, Hakeem and Andre would have the controlling shares of the company. They are trying so hard with Mimi! They threw her a Ladies Only party in Hakeem’s bathtub and even sent BooBooKitty to throw that ass in a circle just to get Mimi on their side, but it didn’t work! Mimi, the shady kitten that she is, lets Lucious know about the potential hostile takeover and offers to invest in the company with him in order to shut Cookie out! That’s what all of those “It’s Game Time Bitches!” were about.

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In other Andre news, he’s having dreams about burying Vernon’s body and waking up in cold sweats! Rhonda, girl! I don’t know how you put up with him! Oh, right. It’s probably that body. So anyway, Lucious is making so many friends in jail! Cookie’s cousin Jermel (who you’ll remember was paid to kill someone for Cookie and Carol) is there! And so is Frank Gathers! He’s the dude that Cookie used to sell drugs for when she was helping to build Empire with her “Fo Hunid Thousand.” Also, Gathers is the guy that she snitched on to get her sentence reduced! And he’s got a pretty talented, rapper daughter! He and Lucious have so much in common! Reunions are great!! Except for this one! Gathers knows that Cookie is the one who snitched and he sends Cookie and Carol a message to let them know that he didn’t appreciate that. Cousin Jermels head in a box! The bow was pretty, though!

Cookie knows she’s in trouble and has all of her family wait at The Lyon Mansion while she goes down to the jail to ask Lucious to handle this for her. Lucious was all “Fa sho! I pity the fool!” He also called her Mr. T. It was totally funny! So then Lucious went to Frank Gathers and Gathers was all, “My beef isn’t with you. You and me are good but Cookie gotta die,” and that’s when Lucious let it be known that Cookie is his family and he would kill Frank for threatening his family! Oooooh Lucious still loves Cookie! I hope they get to bone again this season! Their chemistry is crazy!

Anyway, Lucious orders some prisoners with nothing to lose to kill Frank and make it loud and long! Back at The Lyin (that’s a typo but I like it!) Mansion, Cookie reports that the threat is over and that they can all go home now. Jamal has had enough of these backstabbin’ Lyons and throws them out of the house for betraying Lucious. Cookie can’t believe her ears! She tells him he’s turning into his father! Then she slaps Jamal across the face to snap him out of it. He doesn’t back down as if to say “I eat those!” and she slaps him again! He doesn’t flinch but ask her if she’s done! Then he slams the door in her face! They both cry! They were so good together! Damn!!!

Empire airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

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