The Dead Weather return with their third full-length, and first in five years, Dodge & Burn, Friday. Today, they’re dropping another live performance video from the Third Man Records studio and EW is thrilled to premiere it below. (The quartet have previously shared a similar clip for the collection’s lead single, “I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)“, and two instructional videos: Jack White on drumming, Jack Lawrence on four-string fret work.)

Looking at the collection, “Be Still” is not unique in its scuzz or threatening howl, but on a full-length that explodes with punishing basslines, claustrophobic drumlines, and goth-blues guitar riffs, this track creates a perfect space for two of rock’s most desperate, signature wails. Alison Mosshart controlling the verses, White with the punchline.

When EW spoke to singer Mosshart about Dodge & Burn, she returned often to the notion that Dead Weather music isn’t meticulously crafted. “There’s not a lot of thought put into the writing of the music,” she said. “It’s really just a human, organic explosion.” The explosions aren’t hard to find, but if “Be Still” deserves a badge, it’s for leaving room for primal humanity to shine.

Currently available for pre-order, Dodge & Burn is out tomorrow on White’s label, Third Man Records.