We’ve seen Rey’s desert speeder from a distance, skimming along the sandy surface of Jakku with a crashed Star Destroyer rising in the distance like a mountaintop.

Now, Lucasfilm has created an exclusive Facebook 360 video that shows the perspective of Daisy Ridley’s character as she races through the starship graveyard, apparently angering some fellow scavengers who want whatever it is she’s chasing.

It’s part of a new initiative by Facebook that would allow all users with special spherical cameras to upload videos that allow viewers to slide the image around and see it from all angles. In this case, the scene has been digitally created, but in Facebook’s announcement on Wednesday, the social media site said these users are also equipped to create the immersive content: Discovery, GoPro, LeBron James & Uninterrupted, Saturday Night Live, and VICE.

While a new trailer for The Force Awakens is expected soon, this clip of specially created content doesn’t provide much wider context for what’s happening. We know Jakku was the site of a long-ago knock-down, drag-out battle between the remnants of the Empire and the rising forces of the Rebellion’s new republic.

We also know John Boyega’s AWOL stormtrooper Finn crash-lands a TIE Fighter on the planet before coming into contact with Rey. It’s not exactly clear what it is that’s motivating this drag-race through the dunes, but whoever those angry, Tusken-like fellows are in the speeder to Rey’s right happen to be, they’re clearly not happy with her.


Just before coming to a stop, Rey passes a snorting, armor-wearing beast to her left. He (or she?) is dragging a kind of hovering sled stacked with salvaged goods. Just before the video ends, we hear the familiar beep and twir of BB-8 as he peeks out from behind some wreckage.


Okay. So here’s a new puzzle piece. But where does it fit in?

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