By Madison Vain
September 23, 2015 at 01:34 PM EDT

Brit hard rock revivalists Royal Blood burst onto the scene with their self-titled debut in 2014. It was chaotic, claustrophobic, fantastically indulgent rock. It became the highest first week seller in their home country in three years and the duo’s live set quickly earned praise from Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page; Dave Grohl put them on the Foo Fightes’ summer stadium tour for all U.K. and North American Dates.

As they return stateside this week to cap off their Foos run — and before they head back home to Brighton to record Royal Blood‘s follow-up — singer Mike Kerr is sharing a playlist of favorite tunes. Not surprisingly, you should get ready to rock.

Tame Impala, “Less I Know The Better”

​”What a great f–king song. I think Kevin Parker is a genius, and really that whole record [Currents] is great.”

Eagles of Death Metal, “Complexity”

“I first heard this at a festival we played with them in Denmark. I was watching from the side and they are amazing live. Also, Jesse [Hughes] is a very funny man.”

Cessna Deathwish, “Pioneer”

“This is a brand new band that I’ve been listening to. I know some of those guys really well, they’re also from Brighton — I don’t live too far from them, in fact — and we rehearse at the same studio. I’m amazed that no one knows who they are yet.”

Tigercub, “Destroy”

“This is another Brighton band who we actually toured with last year. They’re brilliant. They’re a three-piece and the best way to describe they’re music is like “wonky garage-rock.” It’s grunge, but everything’s very musical — incredibly melodic. And they put on a great show.”

Pond, “Outside Is The Right Side”

“We toured with those guys around Australia for a festival and this song is particularly amazing live. I’m a big fan. I think when people hear it, they’ll get it.”

Foals, “What Went Down”

“I’m trying to think where I heard this one, it was all over the radio in the UK, and it was mainly just really great to hear Foals back again – they had been away for quite a while.”

Turbowolf, “Nine Lives”

“They’ve only got two records out but they’re one of my favorite rock bands of all time — they’re full of great, heavy riffs.”

Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe, “Peace Defrost”

“I heard this song the day before I made this list. So I don’t know that much about it but a friend of mine played it to me and I just love the vocal. It’s great to hear a girl singing with such kind of gravel.”

Bass Drum of Death, “Religious Girls”

“One of the first times that I ever played live was supporting those guys in Australia. And I’ve become very good friends with them but I love how simple and incredibly catchy their music is. Everything John [Barrett] does seems to turn into cool immediately.”