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Updated September 23, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT
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When we last saw our fearless detective and hot captain in The Mysteries of Laura finale, things were a little dicey. Captain Jake (Josh Lucas) had no clue that he had professed his undying love moments before his ex-wife, Detective Laura (Debra Messing), walked into the hospital room. That’s what a bullet to the chest will do to you. It doesn’t appear that Jake and Laura are back together, but there is some good news — both are flying their flirt flags. The food truck guy isn’t even mentioned. Poor Tony. We will miss your amazing grilled cheese sandwiches. Now bring on the reconciliation!

Speaking of things we’ll miss, Frankie is gone! Our favorite small-town detective with a heart of gold has been transferred. And while Jake is on medical leave, a tiny mean woman named Captain Santini (Callie Thorne) barreled in from the Bronx scaring everyone with her orderly desk and contemplative environment. Welcome to season 2, Queen of Darkness.

Jake ditches his last week of medical leave in lieu of returning to the precinct. Max (Max Carnegie) gives him an enormous, awkward hug. He is by far one of my favorite characters on this show. I could watch Max and Laura banter for days and be a very happy camper. Add Josh Lucas in the mix and you have a show I can get behind. Bonus points if he’s shirtless. Moving on!

Jake comes back and is basically told by Santini that she’s keeping his job. No one has time to argue this professional hiccup because a child has been kidnapped. It’s all hands on deck.

The odd part about the kidnapping is that the first attempt went horribly wrong. A sketchy guy jumped in front of a few children, screamed at them to run from a taxi careening into the playground, and then was struck and died instantly. It turns out that our mystery guy has a rap sheet and statutory rape is on the list. Not good.

Laura and Jake playful banter all the way to his last known address and find a very pregnant fiancé. Say hello to the rape victim. Her parents turned Ronnie in because she was 16 when she got pregnant. Ronnie used to be a junkie, but he is clean now.

Meanwhile, Soto (Laz Alonso) and Bose (Janina Gavankar) found a camera in the abandoned taxi. One of the kids at the playground has been targeted. Everyone rushes to the house, but it’s too late. The kidnapping worked this time.

Laura and Jake try and comfort the parents, but Theo has diabetes. If he doesn’t get insulin in the next six hours, he will go into a coma. The clock is officially ticking. The mom talks about her perfect son and her perfect home birth. Laura and I both wince. She pops a few pills and consoles her teenage daughter while Jake learns that the dad owns a bunch of parking garages. That means he has access to a lot of cash at all times. Whoever took Theo has to know this. All they can do is wait for the ransom.

Soto and Bose check out a lead from the dad, Carl. He had a disgruntled employee who stole money from him. The employee admits that Carl didn’t want to involve the police because he knows that Carl has been skimping from the garages. His record-keeping books are a work of fiction.

Laura follows up. It just so happens that Theo’s parents landed $100,000 right around the time Theo was born in a bath tub. Laura puts two and two together — Theo is not their biological son. He was purchased.

The mom admits that they bought Theo from an adoption coordinator willing to make a little change on the side. But what’s the problem? All she wanted was for her daughter to have a sibling. Her son was rescued from a horrible situation. With a little DNA from a hairbrush, Laura is able to track down both biological parents who are both dead. Not to mention, this is a dead end. I should note that Soto and Bose tried to adopt a baby from the creepy adoption lady and arrested her for an illegal side business.

Across town, a pizza guy delivered a large cheese pie with a handy random note on the inside. Captain Santini pulls in everyone to blanket the drop-off point. When a black motorcycle approaches the mom, she freaks out and begs the driver to give Theo his shots before she hands over the money. The driver is not having it and Laura has to drop her cover and step in. Laura notices that the driver keeps looking at a cable van across the street. Just as she calls for reinforcements, Santini calls for everyone to go after the motorcycle guy. Poor Theo is seen waving from the back of the van as he is driven off. He’s officially in the wind.

The driver isn’t talking. He keeps trying to make a deal with Jake. Then he casually mentions, “Who cares about a dead junkie?” Jake pauses. No one told this dude the guy who saved the kids on the playground was a junkie. He knew him. Therefore, Ronnie was a part of the plot all along. How is he connected to Theo’s family?

Why the teenage daughter of course! Naturally Laura notices that the girl wears long-sleeve shirts in the dead of summer. When she demands to see her arms, there are track marks all over them. The girl met Ronnie in rehab and they bonded over things like siblings and money and secret hideouts. Hooray for convenience! The girl tells Laura about an armory where Ronnie used to hang out. Jake forces his way through, kicking down several doors and looking extra sexy in his bullet-proof vest. He finds Theo just in time to give him his insulin. Day saved!

Jake ends up demoting himself to senior detective so he doesn’t have to leave the precinct. Could this be the beginning of a love affair with Laura? I certainly hope so. I don’t care if Tony used truffle oil in everything he cooks. Max and I are definitely on Team Jake.

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