'I'll give you something to suck'

Credit: ABC

Mean Tweets week continued on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday when Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson read out a tweet that called him a “candy ass movie star” and that he should go “suck it.” Johnson had the best response we’d never want to repeat in front of our parents when he offered, “I’ll give you something to suck.”

Bette Midler and Liam Neeson also made appearances, the former told by one Twitter user that she has “the biggest penis in Hollywood,” and the latter read out a tweet calling him a “butterface, in that his face looks like a butt.”

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Thankfully for the stars who showed up for Tuesday’s edition, none of these tweets seemed to carry quite the same weight as the one that Benedict Cumberbatch read out on Monday: “If you find Benedict Cumberbatch attractive, I’m guessing you’d also quite enjoy staring directly at a cat’s anus.”

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