By Kevin P. Sullivan
Updated September 22, 2015 at 08:54 PM EDT
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Shane Carruth, the writer-director behind the indie genre mindtrips Primer and Upstream Color has landed at a new agency. More relevant to fans’ interests: that agency is helping him put together his next film.

In a story about Carruth signing with WME, Deadline also mentions that the company is getting the wheels moving on The Modern Ocean, which will be the filmmakers third feature. The report doesn’t mention any plot details beyond the story being a “nautical action adventure.” It will be Carruth’s first big-budget effort.

Well, sort of: While The Modern Ocean could become Carruth’s first big-budget film to appear onscreen, it won’t be his first effort. That title belongs to A Topiary, the holy grail for Carruth fans. A Topiary, a sci-fi tale about kids building large creatures, was set to be his next film after Primer became a sensation at Sundance in 2004, and even had big names like Steven Soderbergh and David Fincher signed on to produce. Ultimately, Carruth couldn’t raise the $14 million needed to finance the film, and he abandoned the project — eventually returning with Upstream Color in 2013.

The news around The Modern Ocean will no doubt be welcomed by fans of the filmmaker’s work. While Carruth has been able to create thoughtful genre tales on a shoestring budget, perhaps now he’ll have the funds to match the size of his ideas.

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