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From the same minds that brought us Glee and American Horror Story, Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan are back with one of the fall’s most anticipated series, Scream Queens.

Described by star Emma Roberts as “Mean Girls meets Friday the 13th,” EW has compiled a study guide to keep you informed on all the interviews, trailers, plot tidbits, and big-name casting you could need as we head into the premiere.

What’s it about?

“Good evening, idiot hookers!” So sayeth Emma Roberts in the first great one-liner we have from Scream Queens, and that’s just from the trailer.

The horror comedy, which premieres on Fox tonight at 8 pm, begins with a flashback to 1995 and a crime that was never solved. Twenty years later, the deed is back to haunt Wallace University’s Kappa sorority chapter. In a tumultuous period of change—the dean wants the sisters to let everyone who’s interested join the sorority; the horror!—someone has decided to pay the Kappas back. A killer has stolen the school’s mascot costume, which just so happens to be a Red Devil, and is using it to spread something a little more ominous than school spirit.

Who’s in it?

Emma Roberts stars as Chanel, the sorority’s president, who’s been working her whole college career to achieve alpha status. She’s not super thrilled about a killer standing in her way. Former Glee star Lea Michelle plays Hester, a sorority member with scoliosis who desperately wants to be like Chanel — who, of course, just refers to Hester as “Neck brace.”

Jamie Lee Curtis plays the school’s dean, Cathy Munsch, who’s putting the energy from her recent divorce into changing the Greek system for the better — or just eradicating it altogether.

Keke Palmer plays Zayday, a brainiac who joined Kappa to add another line to her resume. On the opposite side of the spectruum are Abigail Breslin, Ariana Grande, and Billie Lourd, who are the betas to Chanel’s alpha. Chanel refers to them as Chanel No. 2, Chanel No. 3. and Chanel No. 5, respectively. (Nobody knows what happened to Chanel No. 4.)

Nick Jonas’ character, Boone, is a member of a golfing fraternity. No, really. Chad Michael Murray (be still, our One Tree Hill-loving hearts) will play Brad Radwell, the older brother of frat star Chad Radwell, played by Glen Powell. Patrick Schwarzenegger will guest-star as Thad, the youngest Radwell brother.

No, really: Brad, Chad, and Thad.

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What can we expect from this season?

Someone’s getting knocked off in each episode, according to Ryan Murphy. Each episode will contain clues indicating the killer’s identity until he or she is revealed at the end of the season.

But it’s not all screams of terror. “There’s countless love triangles and lots of sex,” Murphy told EW in the same interview.

Oh, and Jaime Lee Curtis will be reenacting her mother’s famous Psycho shower scene at some point — maybe during one of the three Halloween episodes?

Will anyone be alive at the end for the possibility of future seasons?

Yes. “Whoever survives — and there will be people who survive — they will go on next season to a new location and a new terror,” Murphy told EW in April. He wants the show to be reminiscent of American Horror Story for a different audience, but there will be continuity from one season to the next.

Scream Queens airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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