Outlander Season 4 2018

Fall marks the return of some of TV’s best shows – that is, all but one very special series, as Outlander fans all too aware of. Cue the violins – literally speaking, since EW has snagged an advance song from the upcoming Outlander soundtrack, an exclusive which gives fans a much-needed sip with which to quench their thirst during this latest (and longest) Droughtlander.

Take a listen to “Charge of the Highland Cattle,” which opens with a fast-paced melody that makes us want to daydream about a merry party where hunky Jamie joyfully dances a Scottish jig, only for his kilt to accidentally flip up. (Yup, we totally went there.)

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The track appears on volume 2 of Outlander’s soundtrack, out Friday. Featuring period songs that appeared on the final eight episodes of the show’s tumultuous freshman season, the album was adapted and produced by Emmy-winning composer Bear McCreary.

“Having grown up immersed in Scottish folk music, in particular the folk songs of the Jacobite era, I’ve often reflected that Outlander might be the score I was born to compose,” says McCreary in a statement. “I am so grateful that my life journey led me to this remarkable opportunity to channel my passion for this beautiful music into a narrative score to a gripping drama.”

The album — which also features recordings by vocalist Raya Yarbrough and Gaelic singer Gaelic singer Gillebrìde MacMillan — is currently available for preorder on iTunes and Amazon.

Outlander returns to Starz in 2016. For scoop on Outlander’s second season, click here.

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Outlander Season 4 2018

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