The 'Levels' singer reveals whether he'll collaborate with brother Joe's new band DNCE
Credit: Amanda Edwards/WireImage

Nick Jonas will star in Fox’s Scream Queens, debuting Tuesday, but that doesn’t mean he’s put music on the backburner. The former boy band member released his latest single “Levels” in August, and says the track reflects the sound fans can expect from his next solo album.

“‘Levels’ is a good introduction to the next step,” Jonas tells EW exclusively. “I think [the album will] go even a bit further with some more soul and R&B sounds, even hip hop influences in there. I’m really just digging deep.”

Despite staying busy with appearances on two television shows this fall — the second being DirecTV’s Kingdom, which returns for season 2 in October — Jonas says his forthcoming record will be released in early 2016.

“We have not picked a date officially yet, but we have a sense,” Jonas reveals. “It’s going to be at some point early next year, so probably the end of February or early March.”

And he isn’t the only Jonas brother putting out new music. Last week, older brother Joe dropped “Cake By The Ocean,” the debut jam from his new rock-pop band DNCE.

Jonas thinks his brother will “really kill it” with DNCE, but isn’t exactly feeling a mini Jonas Brothers reunion anytime soon. “As far as collaborations, I’m not sure,” he admits. “It’s important for both of us to support each other and be excited for each other, but give each other that space as well to do our own thing. We’re both conscious of that. We want win together, even if it’s doing different projects.”

Reporting by Tim Stack