Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Christina Ricci may have starred in The Addams Family as Wednesday Addams more than 20 years ago, but in a new (Photoshopped) image floating around the Internet, she appears instead as the kooky but sexy matriarch of the family: Mortiica.

The image, which first surfaced on Tumblr, shows Ricci edited to look like Morticia Addams, complete with long black hair and a slinky all-black wardrobe. (Though some digital magician apparently deemed Huston’s original dress far too demure.) Yahoo! Movies dug up the original publicity photo of Anjelica Huston as Morticia from the early ‘90s.

Even though it’s fake, the image almost immediately went viral, with many fans begging for a reboot. Ricci returned as Wednesday once before in 1993’s Addams Family Values, so who’s to say she couldn’t reprise her role again in another sequel — or take up as the Addams Family matriarch?

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