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UPDATE: Father John Misty’s covers of Ryan Adams’ covers of Taylor Swift’s 1989 were pulled offline hours after appearing on SoundCloud. A rep for Father John Misty was not immediately available for comment.

EARLIER: Taylor Swift’s 1989 lived for about a year before Ryan Adams put his own, incredible spin on it. But his version has breathed for less than a day before Father John Misty chimed in.

The singer-songwriter released a cover of Ryan Adams’ version of “Blank Space” on Monday afternoon, as a tongue-in-cheek endeavor, further indicated by his announcement.

Akin to Adams, who proclaimed he underwent a Smiths-like aesthetic, Misty explicitly drew on The Velvet Underground and Lou Reed — the album art parodies the iconic album of The Velvet Underground & Nico drawn by Andy Warhol. He even sets the track to the melody of Velvet Underground’s 1967 hit “I’m Waiting For The Man.” Listen below.

He then uploaded a new version of “Welcome To New York” in the same style.

How far can this go? How far will this go? We’re pulling for Bon Iver’s take via Robert Johnson pastiche.

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