Credit: Pixar

So far, the trailers for Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur have featured almost zero dialogue, focusing instead on introducing the film’s premise: What if the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs missed? The resulting story follows Arlo (Raymond Ochoa), a young Apatosaurus struggling to find his way home through the wilderness, and along the way, he meets and befriends a feral human boy named Spot (Jack Bright). But in the new international trailer for The Good Dinosaur, a few new faces make an appearance, and several dinosaurs (including Jeffrey Wright as Arlo’s father and Sam Elliott as a T-Rex) speak for the first time. (The dialogue is in English, but the voiceovers and text are in Spanish).

Directed by longtime Pixar artist and first-time feature director Peter Sohn, The Good Dinosaur also stars Steve Zahn as a pterodactyl named Thunderclap, Frances McDormand as Arlo’s mother, and Marcus Scribner as Arlo’s brother. AJ Buckley and Anna Paquin round out the trio of T-Rexes.

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The Good Dinosaur will hit theaters Nov. 25.

The Good Dinosaur
2015 movie
  • Movie
  • 101 minutes