By Christian Holub
Updated September 21, 2015 at 07:57 PM EDT
Credit: Kimberly Butler

Neil Gaiman is one of the fantasy genre’s most prolific authors. Hardly a year passes without a new children’s book, short story collection, comic book, or novel from the American Gods author. There are even more Gaiman stories that have either never been published or went out of print years ago. For a short time, many of those rarities are available in a Humble Bundle package. In a pay-what-you-want model, Gaiman fans can acquire many of his rarest works. For any price, readers can now get rare speech collections, a comic Gaiman wrote and drew in 24 hours (Emperor Heliogablous), and Angels & Visitations, Gaiman’s first collection of stories, some of which have never been republished.

Anyone who pays at least $15 will also get Gaiman’s first published book, a biography of the band Duran Duran, and an unpublished short story, “Manuscript from a Milk Bottle,” among others.

Of all the purchases so far, the average price fans have settled on is $19.39. By paying more than that average, fans gain access to Gaiman’s Babylon 5 script and (a delight for Gaiman purists) the never finished, never reprinted Sweeney Todd comic that Gaiman made with artist Michael Zulli. Its making was detailed in the Gaiman biography Prince of Stories, and the first issues were originally published in now-defunct Taboo magazine, but has only rarely been available since then.

As with all Humble Bundles, users can divide their money among the author and charity. This offer will run out on Wednesday, and even Amy Schumer is on board.

Even if you miss the rarities, more Gaiman work is on the way. Now that Marvel has reclaimed the rights to Miracleman, Gaiman is teaming up with artist Mark Buckingham to finish the story they started decades ago. A TV adaptation of Gaiman’s novel American Gods, produced by Hannibal‘s Bryan Fuller, is set to debut in 2017.