By Eric Renner Brown
Updated September 21, 2015 at 02:28 PM EDT
Eric Charbonneau/AP

Not to be outdone by her Emmys-hosting husband, avant-garde harpist Joanna Newsom released another track from her upcoming studio album Divers Monday. “Leaving The City” follows last month’s “Sapokanikan,” but finds Newsom deploying her talents in very different ways.

That’s in keeping with what Newsom told EW about Divers—her first album since 2010’s triple LP Have One on Me—earlier this year. “I wanted the character and colors of the instrumentation to shift definitively, from song to song, which entailed a wide pool of collaborators and a lengthy collaborative process with each person,” she said, adding that the instrumental arrangements and overdubs on Divers took “a year or two” to complete.

“I was always writing,” Newsom said. “Some songs took me years to write, others formed in a day or two.” But, despite the “immersive” nature of the sessions, Newsom assured EW that they were also “probably the most fun I’ve had making a record.”

Check out “Leaving The City” below and stay tuned for Divers, which drops October 23.

Reporting by Leah Greenblatt.