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When Gotham picks up for its second season, Jim Gordon will be working the streets as a traffic cop, and Oswald Cobblepot will be calling the shots. In other words, Gordon is at his “lowest point,” according to star Ben McKenzie. “He is discouraged,” McKenzie said. And that discouragement could cause him to dip his toe in some dark waters. And yet, how bad can it be if he’s doing it for the right reasons?

“He’s always a good guy,” McKenzie said. “He’s always a person who is aiming to restore law and order to a town on the verge of complete anarchy. It [has] to do with his absolute need, deep deep need to change things at whatever cost.”

And thankfully for Gordon, he won’t be alone in his mission for long. Thanks to the addition of Michael Chiklis’ Captain Nathaniel Barnes, Gordon could finally be getting some good-guy backup. “Michael Chiklis is coming in playing a character named Captain Barnes who is breathing fresh life into the near-wilting soul of Gordon, who’s becoming pretty beat up by not having anybody in his corner he can rely upon,” he said.

“Barnes is ideologically driven. He believes that broken-window theory — if a kid breaks a window, you have to punish that kid; there have to be consequences for every violation of the law no matter how small. Things can change, but that requires absolute accountability from not just the citizenry but also the police force itself, so he’s a kindred spirit with Gordon.”

However, McKenzie did add that “things will get more complicated later in the season” between Gordon and Barnes, but at least for the time being, we think it’s only fair that Gordon get another male friendship in his life. As McKenzie put it, the show “could use a little bit of Gordon smiling every once in a while, which we’re trying to work in.”

In other words, there’s more to expect than doom and gloom in season 2. “There’s a lot of humor in this season — dark humor mainly — but some lighter stuff,” McKenzie said. “What’s great about breaking free of the procedural style is that when you get into the characterizations, we have great actors who are able to pull off these characters. We get to have fun with it and really embrace the larger than life aspects of Gotham and all of its bizarre citizens, and it’s fun.”

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Gotham returns Monday, Sept. 21 at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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Ben McKenzie and David Mazouz star in a dramatic look at what Gotham City looked like before Bruce Wayne became Batman.
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