By Megan Lewis
Updated September 21, 2015 at 06:00 PM EDT
Wilfredo Lee/Getty Images

Emilio Estefan first announced “We’re All Mexican,” an anthem to combat anti-Mexican rhetoric featuring Latin celebrities, earlier this month, and debuted the video Monday. Its release, slated to coincide with Hispanic Heritage Month, comes at at time that Estefan feels is full of lot of negativity toward the Latino community.

“I see a lot of hate and a lot of things and a lot of bringing people apart and I don’t think that’s the future of this country,” Estefan told CNN. “I need to select the president who brings love … brings everybody together and I don’t see that.”

While Estefan hasn’t mentioned Republican candidate Donald Trump in particular, the song comes after Trump made anti-Mexican comments while announcing his presidential campaign.

“We’re All Mexican” features more than two dozen Latin celebrities, including Pitbull, Eva Longoria, Carlos Santana, and Rita Moreno among others. Personalities like Perez Hilton, Kathy Griffin, and Whoopi Goldberg appear as well to show solidarity and spread Estefan’s message.

“This is a way to celebrate and recognize the American dream,” Estefan told CNN. Watch the video here.