By Jessica Derschowitz
September 21, 2015 at 06:30 PM EDT
Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Donald Trump made a stop at Twitter’s New York City headquarters on Monday, where he took part in an #AskTrump Q&A that covered everything from what he’ll do as president to his thoughts on NFL stars.


The Republican presidential candidate was asked what his top three priorities will be if elected to office, and responded with four: fixing healthcare, strengthening the border, taking care of veterans, and rebuilding the military.

“We will have a strong, strong nation, and one that really people are going to be in love with again,” he said.


He also tackled questions on gun control (he’s “very pro-Second Amendment”), if he’d protect Israel, how he’d help the homeless and first responders, and what he’d do on his first day as president (“close up our borders so that illegal immigrants can not come into our country”).


Trump also weighed in on Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo’s recent collarbone injury, and used that answer to also tout the recent support he received from the New England Patriots’ Tom Brady. (He also answered a second football question, on if he thinks Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens is an “elite quarterback.”)


Trump was also asked to share some words of advice for how to succeed in business: “I’ve seen so many really smart people, they had good ideas but they quit. They were quitters. Never, ever give up,” he said.

You can see more from the Q&A at Trump’s Twitter page