Credit: Fox

Adam Samberg just gave away five seasons of Game of Thrones to tens of million of viewers (well, sort of).

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star revealed an HBO Now account while hosting the 67th Annual Emmy Awards — and it worked!

Noting that HBO executives have previously claimed not to care of paid subscribers share their passwords to the premium cable channel’s content (surrrre, they don’t), Samberg said: “So here’s my HBO Now login. The username is the password is, of course, password1 — gotta have a number in there, throw them off the scent. But this is 100 percent real. So all to our millions of viewers, everyone out there, go to town! Check out Game of Thrones, watch a buttload of Arliss. HBO doesn’t care, they said so on the record.”

Viewers almost immediately started tweeting that the account really did work (we checked too).

But HBO likely doesn’t have to worry that its library will be pilfered — some viewers began changing the email and password associated with account which will stymy a potentially overwhelming number of viewers tuning in.

HBO is having a great night, racking up awards for Veep and Olive Kitteridge, with Thrones‘ categories still to come. The network’s reps did not reply for a request for comment regarding Samberg’s stunt.