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Anna Faris plays Allison Janney’s daughter on CBS’ sitcom Mom, and apparently her love for her onscreen mother translates to real life, too.

EW sent out a tweet early Sunday asking readers to submit questions to celebrities on the red carpet, and Faris responded with, “can you please tell Allison Janney on the red carpet that I love her so much and I’m so lucky she’s in my life!”

“She is the loveliest, loveliest co-star I have ever had,” Janney told EW after we recited the tweet to her. “She is so generous of heart and spirit and she’s a beauty … I just think the world of her.”

Later that evening, Janney went on to win an Emmy for her role in Mom, and used her time on stage to thank series creator Chuck Lorre for “creating such a deeply flawed character and immediately thinking of me to play her,” and again praise Faris’ generosity.

Faris continued the love-fest on Twitter: “a) I love you and am so happy for you and thank you,” she tweeted at Janney following the win. “b) is it weird that I tell my tv mom how hot she looks in that dress?”

See the two in action when Mom returns for its third season Nov. 5.

Carrie Bell contributed reporting.

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