By Dana Rose Falcone
Updated September 18, 2015 at 05:41 PM EDT
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As Maud Watt in Suffragette, Carey Mulligan fights for women’s rights in early 20th-century England. But despite the strides women have made, Mulligan joins the slew of Hollywood actors and industry personnel who believe female perspective is not accurately represented in film.

“I think we have a sexist film industry, and stories about women are largely untold,” Mulligan told Reader’s Digest. “This [Suffragette] is one that’s fallen by the wayside because of that.”

She believes the journey of Emmeline Pankhurst (played by Meryl Streep) and the early women’s rights activists has taken so long to reach because film excecutive suspected it wouldn’t be a box office hit. “I think a lot of people have sat around tables in various production offices and decided it wasn’t financially viable,” Mulligan explained to the magazine.

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Mulligan made similar comments to Time Out London earlier this year. “The mere fact that it’s taken 100 years for this story to be told is hugely revealing,” Mulligan said. “This is the story of equal rights in Britain, and it took years of struggle and women being tortured, abused and persecuted, and it’s never been put on-screen. It’s such a reflection of our film industry that that story hasn’t been told yet.”

She added in the April interview that women suffer from a lack of “interesting roles” but told Readers Digest she feels fortunate to have played the parts she has.

“You either make a lot of compromises and play roles you’re not very keen on, or you have to wait,” the English actress said. “I’ve been incredibly lucky in getting the jobs I’ve done, and I did enough work in the earlier part of my career to allow me to sit around for a bit. But that’s a privileged position – not many people get to do that.”

Suffragette arrives in select theaters Oct. 23.


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