By Dalton Ross
September 17, 2015 at 03:54 PM EDT
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He kicked things. He threw things. He contorted his face into some of the most pained expressions ever seen. It was awesome and it was hilarious and I loved every second of it. So when I spoke with Spencer Bledsoe out on location for Survivor: Cambodia—Second Chance, I had to know: How many temper tantrums can we expect this season?

“I don’t know,” says Bledsoe. “It might be tough because there aren’t as many rocks around to throw, so I don’t know if I can guarantee you the same epic temper tantrums. I think I had one where I threw my buff on the ground. But there were a lot of things that spurred those temper tantrums. They weren’t just random. I’m not bipolar. J’Tia was throwing rice in the fire, she was messing up every challenge, people were turning on me, my idol clue was getting stolen. And not that these things weren’t my fault, but there were a lot of things that went wrong. So I hope that this time fewer things will go wrong. We might get some victory tantrums and hopefully not as much throwing things at the ground in disgust.”

While Spencer showed that disgust early and often during the Cagayan season, he also admits it was hard at first to return home after getting so close to the end — but not close enough. “It’s definitely tapered down,” he says about dwelling on his fourth place finish. “I had recurring nightmares for about three weeks when I got home of that challenge — that final four challenge. I definitely dwelled on it for a while. But I got some closure when my season aired and when it wrapped up, and the last year I’ve gotten to focus on things other than Survivor in finishing school and starting a job so I think I’m in a good place now.”

Spencer also revealed who he was looking forward to aligning with in the game. “The people I most want to work with are Shirin, Tasha — although Tasha’s tricky because people will be suspect of us. So if I get a sense that people are really wary of that we’ll either have to hide it or…I don’t know. She might throw me under the bus. It could get hairy. So I have to be careful with her. But I would like to work with her. Kelley Wentworth, I really like. Andrew Savage, I love. I think Andrew Savage is a straight edge guy who could be a good ally. Jeff Varner, I’ve had had good interactions with. I like Peih-Gee.”

It is interesting to note that all of those people Spencer mentioned except for Savage are all on the same tribe. Do we have our first instant alliance? We’ll find out when Survivor: Cambodia—Second Chance debuts on Sept. 23 on CBS.

To see more from Spencer, click on the video at the top of the post. And for more Survivor scoop, follow Dalton on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

Monty Brinton/CBS

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