Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Emily Blunt apologized on Thursday after many people — especially Fox and Friends‘ Anna Kooiman — took offense when the actress joked that the Republican presidential debate made her question her decision to become a U.S. citizen.

While at the Toronto International Film Festival, the Sicario actress told The Hollywood Reporter that she thought she’d make a terrible mistake watching the first GOP debate on the same day she became a U.S. citizen.

Though Blunt only meant it as a joke, she received quite a bit of backlash online, prompting her to offer an apology on the Today show Thursday.

“It was so not the intention to hurt anybody or cause any offense, so I really apologize to those that I caused offense,” Blunt said. “It was just an off-hand joke. I think I’ll probably leave the political jokes to late-night or something.”

Check out EW’s interview with Blunt and her Sicario co-stars below.