By Madison Vain
Updated September 17, 2015 at 05:56 PM EDT

Ellie Goulding has officially announced her third studio LP, Delirium, will arrive Nov. 6. It will have 16 tracks on the standard issue and 22 on the deluxe issue. Goulding said in a statement that her goal for the project was to make a more expansive pop collection. When EW spoke to her earlier this summer, Goulding said lyrically she was still meditating on love and matters of the heart on the Max Martin-produced effort, but that her sound and voice had evolved into something more empowering.

“I swore I wouldn’t write more love and heartbreak songs,” she told EW. “I thought, ‘Do one, get it out of your system.’ So the first song is, like, ‘Hold me! Don’t let me go! Stay with me!’ But it wasn’t out of my system. I’m obsessed with writing love songs, I always have been. I think that’s why I started writing songs in the first place.”

Goulding shared the collection’s first single, “On My Mind,” and it will certainly be on ours all afternoon. Check out the thumping new song and track listing for Delirium below.


1. Intro (Delirium)

2. Aftertaste

3. Something In The Way You Move

4. Keep On Dancin’

5. On My Mind

6. Around U

7. Codes

8. Holding On For Life

9. Love Me Like You Do

10. Don’t Need Nobody

11. Don’t Panic

12. We Can’t Move To This

13. Army

14. Lost And Found

15. Devotion

16. Scream It Out


17. The Greatest

18. I Do What I Love

19. Paradise

20. Winner

21. Heal

22. Outside