Credit: Shelby Graham; OMAR TORRES/AFP/Getty Images; Erin Patrice O'Brien

If you’ve ever paused, mid-burrito, to take in the words written on the side of your Chipotle cup, you have the “Cultivating Thought” series to thank. Created and curated by Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close author Jonathan Safran Foer, the series recruits famous authors to write short stories for the sides of Chipotle cups and bags. The stories are meant to be consumed in two minutes, and give you something to think about while eating your Chipotle meal. The most recent batch, available at Chipotles now, includes Jonathan Franzen, Laura Esquivel, Sue Monk Kidd, and Lois Lowry, among others. Wondering which ones are the best? Don’t worry; we’ve ranked them. Keep an eye out the next time you’re grabbing a burrito bowl.