By Dalton Ross
September 16, 2015 at 02:59 PM EDT
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When I asked the cast of Survivor: Cambodia—Second Chance whom they wanted out of the game first, the name that popped up the most was none other than Kass McQuillen. But that doesn’t bother Kass much.

I asked the player if she thought having the nickname Chaos Kass in a game in which contestants want predictability in their alliance partners was maybe not the best idea, but McQuillen says there will be no predictability this season. “I’m not too worried about that,” said Kass when we spoke on location the day before the game began. “I don’t think anyone here is going to play predictably. This is second chances. These people are here to win. There are no goats around here. So I might be a good alliance member for people. And no one’s going to play the same way they played the first time, so I’m going in and telling people, ‘Hey, I never had an alliance.’ I actually never did have an alliance in my season. So let me try one out.”

All of this is not to say that Chaos Kass has lost her edge. On the contrary. Here are a few of the highlights of our chat.

• “I’m not here to be commanded around, and certainly if I see a weakness in a person who is on the verge of cracking I will enjoy messing with them. Because anyone who goes before me is just fodder. “

• “I have nothing against Woo and I don’t think he has anything against me. He knows I tried to save him from making that tragic decision that he made. If anything, I think he’ll be pretty loyal to me, knowing I never led him astray during our game.”

• “Spencer and Tasha I was never tight with during the game, and I think people know that. You can physically see Spencer bristle when I walk by. It’s awesome. And Tasha’s just a very, very competitive woman and I don’t think she likes the manner in which she went down in Cagayan, and I think I symbolize her downfall so I think she’s out to get me.”

• “This time I’ll be more mindful of who goes on the jury first. Even though this is a seasoned crowd, I still think there’s that inherent bitterness people feel towards the person who blindsides them. So ideally I won’t even have to vote for the first member of the jury, or I’ll put someone super nice like Joe or Keith or Woo on the jury first where I know they’re not going to harbor a grudge.”

• And then Kass told us who she’d ideally like to work with out on the island. “I’d like to work with the most annoying people out there,” she says. So of course, I asked for specific names. “I think some people that I’d love to go the end with and sit with are maybe Kimmi and Abi. Who else has been a little bit weird or developing some issues? I think Varner’s going to have a tough time. Even though I kind of like him, I think the elements are going to get to him. Wiglesworth would be great to go with because I think she just doesn’t even care about the game, which is a weird attitude to bring into Survivor. So, yeah, those people. I think I could go to the end with Tasha. It would be hard to work with her until then, but I think I could beat her in front of a jury, just knowing her personality and how abrasive she can become after about 20 days.

And she didn’t stop there. “I think Savage would be great to go to the end with, and Shirin — because they’re both already millionaires and they like to tell everybody that. Savage is BFFs with Jeff. And Shirin, I know people really like her and I’m sure she’s great in small doses, but I don’t think 39 days of Shirin is going to make for a winning jury speech for her.”

Time and circumstances will tell. In the meantime, to see my conversation with Chaos Kass, click on the video at the top of the post. And for more Survivor scoop, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

Monty Brinton/CBS

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