UPDATE: The LinkedIn profile has been deleted, but the BeKnown profile still stands
Credit: MJ Kim/Getty Images

Supernatural star Misha Collins has been busy job-hunting for presidential candidate Donald Trump — and he took the search a step further Wednesday by creating a LinkedIn profile for him.

“I see ur still job hunting (& debating),” Collins tweeted at Trump. “To streamline the search, I made u this handy profile.”

The mock profile probably wouldn’t garner too much interest though: “I was born rich!” faux-Trump boasts in the profile’s summary. “No starting-at-the-bottom-and-working-your-way-up for me! I was smart enough just to have a rich dad and ride his coat tails.”

The rest of the profile follows a similar pattern, pointing out Trump’s wealth (as well as “skills” including “saying ‘You’re fired'” and “denying accusations”). “But, if there is one thing money can’t buy, it is the confidence of the American people,” it reads under the position, Candidate for the Republican Presidential Nomination. “I’m going to try to buy it, anyway.”

Though the LinkedIn profile has been taken down, you can still catch most of it over at BeKnown. (And we checked with The CW. Collins really, really wrote it.)

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