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Jimmy Fallon brought back the orange hair, squinty eyes, and red tie to play Donald Trump on Tuesday night’s episode of The Tonight Show.

After bringing the presidential candidate on his show last Friday, Fallon reprised his role as Trump in a new sketch called “The Debating Game,” a presidential take-off on The Dating Game.

Hosted by Barack Obama (Dion Flynn), The Debating Game had Trump compete against Jeb Bush (Steve Higgins) and “Southern gentlemen” Lindsey Graham (A.D. Miles) to win the support of an undecided voter.

When Fallon’s Trump was asked about his experience to lead the country, rather than answer the question, he talked about the wall.

“First of all, I gotta say, I love this wall,” Fallon said. “Isn’t it a beautiful wall? It’s fantastic. I built this wall. And I got Mexico to pay for it.”

Steve Higgins was one of the highlights of the sketch, randomly emphasizing Bush’s love of guacamole and slowly sinking lower into his podium after laughing at his own jokes.

Watch the clip below to see which candidate won The Debating Game.

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