By Dalton Ross
September 15, 2015 at 02:34 PM EDT
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It’s been a mixed bag for old-school Survivor players recently when they come back for another chance at the title. On one hand, both Michael Skupin and Gervase Peterson made it all the way to the end their second time out. But they also got creamed at the final Tribal Council.

So what does season 2 returnee Jeff Varner think that means as far as his fate on Survivor: Cambodia—Second Chance? “I think how old-school players have performed in this game is a good indicator that I might do pretty well,” Varner told us when we spoke out on location the day before the game began. “I don’t know how they got to the end, and I can see these certain people not being able to argue their point to a jury as well as I think I could.” And then came the kicker: “But, you know, if Amber can win a million dollars, so can I.”

Wow. Shots fired. But you can expect more of that from Varner — whose lack of a filter could make him a fan favorite, but could also get him in trouble with other players if he’s not careful. Of course, he’s just happy to get the chance to compete after a 14-year absence. “It’s difficult I have to say coming back after 14 years,” says Varner. “I had written my chance off. Everybody from The Australian Outback has come back to play this game a second time, I think, other than me and Kimmi it seems, so the thought that I would ever get that call wasn’t there. Now that I’ve gotten it, I’m here, it’s a very different game. The whole pre-game thing is vastly different than when we played before, so I feel like a newbie right out of the gate.”

And Amber Brkich was not the only target of Varner’s verbal jabs. He also had some choice words for the Second Chancers from the Cagayan season. “I want to work with everybody but the Cagayan four,” he says. “That’s a dangerous little foursome that all comes from one show that must be broken up quickly. I don’t know if I’m the only one who feels this out here. They all seem to wear green! Still to this day they’ll all show up wearing green! I hope everybody sees what I see. Tasha will hog the couch. She just lays out. There’s only one couch we can lay on and she’s all over it. And I hope other people see that. That’s annoying to me. And Wiglesworth will walk past me and be like, ‘Tasha’s gone. Keep walking.’ And I love it.”

Says Varner: “I know when I get out there those four are my first targets.”

To hear more form Varner and see footage of him wielding a big machete in the game, click on the video at the top of the post. And for more Survivor scoop, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

Monty Brinton/CBS

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