By Ian Goldstein
Updated September 15, 2015 at 11:56 AM EDT
Credit: CBS

Stephen Colbert took some time on Monday’s The Late Show to discuss Donald Trump’s ability to lead the U.S. military based on the Republican candidate’s time spent at a military-themed boarding school.

“The same reason I feel like I was a NASCAR driver, because as a kid I had a race-car bed,” Colbert said.

The host then addressed Trump’s remark that attending a military academy gave him more training than many who join the military. One of Trump’s accolades at the academy was receiving the Neatness and Order Medal — or as Colbert phrased it, “That’s like the Purple Heart of making your bed.”

After learning that a young Trump once gave his teacher a black eye because he didn’t think the instructor knew anything about music, Colbert made an important note to himself: “Do not book Trump the same night as Yo-Yo Ma.”

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