Get ready, because The Troop is assembling! Titan Comics are teaming up with acclaimed writer, director and actor Noel Clarke (Doctor Who, Star Trek Into Darkness) to debut Clarke’s creator-owned book.

“Across the planet and unknown to each other, a group of troubled teenagers lead lives of quiet desperation,” The Troop‘s official synopsis reads. “But hell is about to befall them and they find their lives destroyed when they are targeted by dark forces. On the run, they discover they have unbelievable powers and must come together — as The Troop!” With illustrations by Joshua Cassara, The Troop promises to be an envelope-pushing, wild ride.

“This is the Game Of Thrones of comic books, taking teen teams where they should, but have never dared to go before,” Clarke explains. “In life, sh-t happens. People f–k up in many different ways, and have to deal with that. In this book they will, except you’ll see it in all it’s punch-to-the-face glory.”

First announced at last year’s San Diego Comic Con, The Troop will hit comic stores and digital platforms Dec. 9. Hailed by legendary comic writer Mark Millar (Chrononauts, Kick-Ass) as “Fan-Bloody-Tastic,” issue #1 will include two collectible covers: a cover by series artist Cassara, and a variant cover by Doctor Who artist Elena Casagrande.


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