EW's picks for what to watch live and what to DVR on Tuesdays this fall

By Ariana Bacle
Updated September 15, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Stuck wondering what to watch live (and what to DVR and catch up on later) this fall? EW has broken it down for you, using the super scientific method of what staffers are most excited about. Follow our guide each night for your ultimate viewing pleasure … and spend the weekends catching up on everything you taped!

8 p.m. ET

Watch Live: The Muppets (ABC, Sept. 22)

Why? Well-known puppets, comedy, and a list of guests that includes stars like Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lawrence, and Sofia Vergara — what else could you want out of a Tuesday night on your couch?

DVR: Grandfathered (Fox, Sept. 29)

John Stamos’ Uncle Jesse was often the best part of Full House, so it’s good news that he’s starring in his very own sitcom — one where he finds out that, surprise!, he’s a grandpa — and getting a chance to fully flex his (very strong) comedy muscles.

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8:30 p.m. ET

Watch Live:Fresh Off the Boat (ABC, Sept. 22)

Why? Now in its second season, Fresh Off the Boat is inspired by chef Eddie Huang’s memoir about his Chinese-American family moving to Orlando in the ’90s — and it’s consistently laugh-out-loud funny, in part thanks to star (and scene-stealer) Constance Wu, who plays the strict-but-loving mom.

DVR:The Grinder(Fox, Sept. 29)

Why? After leaving NBC’s Parks and Recreation in 2014, Rob Lowe is making his return to TV comedies by starring in The Grinder, where he’ll play an actor who tries to make his fictional role as a lawyer become reality when he moves back home to Idaho.

9 p.m. ET

Watch Live: Scream Queens (Fox, Sept. 22)

Why? Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens follows American Horror Story‘s horror anthology format, but adds more humor. A lot more humor. “I think this is the funniest thing [Glee creators Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan] have ever done,” star (and AHS veteran) Emma Roberts told EW. Between that and its laundry list of stars, including Jamie Lee Curtis and Lea Michele, Scream Queens is just the show to brighten — and bloody — up your Tuesday evening.

DVR: iZombie (The CW, Oct. 6)

Why? After watching Scream Queens, you’ll want to further quench your horror-related thirst — and iZombie is the perfect show to satisfy any desire for blood and guts. Rose McIver plays the show’s fair-haired protagonist, an undead undertaker who feeds on human brains while trying to keep her identity as a zombie secret. Bonus? Veronica Mars showrunner Rob Thomas co-created the show, so it has a similar spirit to the beloved but canceled-too-soon drama.

10 p.m. ET

Watch Live: The Bastard Executioner (FX, Sept. 15)

Why? Kurt Sutter’s following up Sons of Anarchy with Bastard Executioner, a medieval drama set in the 1300s about a knight (Lee Jones) who returns to his violent ways once war breaks out. And although it’s far from a copy of Sons, star Stephen Moyer says fans of that show will appreciate the similarties in this one. “There’s definitely connections, and you see rhythms within [Sutter’s] storytelling,” he told EW, “which lead to Shakespearean tragedy in the same way that Sons was Hamlet with leathers.”

Why? Best Time Ever is made for next-day watching: Harris’ variety show consists of multiple bite-sized segments ideal for whenever you need a few minutes of fun — which, let’s be real, you’ll probably need after watching the undoubtedly dark Bastard Executioner.

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