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The cheerleader wasn’t saved. In fact, Claire Bennet (Hayden Panettiere) has been dead a whole year, as viewers will quickly learn in the season premiere of Heroes Reborn, the 13-episode series that reboots NBC’s 2006 drama that followed ordinary people who had extraordinary abilities. There will be plenty of new faces (Chuck! … er, Zachary Levi), and a few familiar ones (Masi Oka and Greg Grunberg). But the key returning player is Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman), a.k.a. HRG — the only major character from the first edition of the series without superpowers, who brings his steely demeanor and retro eyewear to play a major role wrangling a new generation of “evos.”

Here, show creator Tim Kring shares a couple script pages from the new series. The setup: After HRG’s daughter, Claire, outed her powers to the world at the end of the original series, a disastrous explosion at a summit killed her and many others, an event that was blamed on the evos. HRG is now living a quiet suburban life under a new name when conspiracy theorist Quentin Frady (Henry Zebrowski) tracks him down. “This scene is the inciting incident of the series, a collision between two main characters that ignites HRG on a quest to find out what really happened that day — and to his daughter,” Kring says. Read the scene, then check out Kring’s notes giving insight on specific moments in the footnotes below.

REBORN EP#101 “Brave New World” WHITE 1.


HRG exits the house,(1) walks nonchalantly down the sidewalk. The SHADOWY FIGURE emerges from behind a tree to watch him.

Meet QUENTIN FRADY (30’s), unkkempt, twitchy, a MESSENGER BAG over his shoulder (2). He starts to follow HRG,only to stumble over a garbage BAG. when a looks up, HRG is nowhere to be seen. Shit. As he stands there–


First rule of talling someone…

(SLAMS Quentin against a tree)

…. know how to tail someone! Who are you, What do you want?


Answers. To what really happened on June 13th.(3)


What’s that got to do with me?


You’re Noah Bennet, right? You knew all of those people.


(squeezes hard)

Who do you work for?


I worked at Renautas, but not for them.(4)


(knows the name)



And I know you worked for Primatech.


I sold paper.


Sure, along with bagging and tagging and keeping “powers” under wraps.


And you know about this, how?!


Beacuse Renautas secretly owned Primatech.

If HRG is aware of this, he hides it with a stern stare.


Primatech’s dead. It’s nothing but a hole in the ground.


Unless it’s not.

HRG’s eyes narrow at this.


That’s what I’m trying to tell you. I’ve found things I wasn’t supposed to find.


There’s something coming. Something huge heading our way. And Renautas is at the wheel. June 13th was the beginning. I just don’t know of what.

Quentin looks at HRG’s face. This is all Greek to him.


You must know something no one else does. There must be something–


Lemme guess, you’re a Truther.


That has nothing to do with it–come on man, you really think Mohinder Suresh was behaind that attack? (5)


Hello? He’s a patsy.(6)


I saw what everyone else saw. I know what everyone else knows.(7)

Quentin fumbles to open his messenger bag. pulls out a MANUSCRIPT. We see the title,”Escalating Evolution.”


This is his manuscript, never published. It’s all in here.


How did you find–?


These Evos, (8) these powers …he says their numbers are increasing. Escalating!But he doesn’t say why! Are they here to take over, like the media, like the goverment, keeps telling us? No.

(lower his voice)

I think they’re here to save us!


Then where are they? Look around.

(looks around)

You see people with powers around here? They’re gone. Hiding. Dead. If they were here to save us, trust me, I’d know.

With that, HRG takes Quentin by the scruff of the neck and DRAGS him away. Quentin stuggles, but is no match. Suddenly, SIRENS, and FLASHING RED LIGHTS. A POLICE CAR SQUEALS to a stop. Two COPS jump out.


1. HRG, a.k.a. the Man With Horn-Rimmed Glasses (Jack Coleman), isn’t wearing his specs in his new life as a car salesman. “He no longer looks like a nefarious company man,” says Kring. “He’s gone very domestic, but the glasses will be reintroduced in an iconic way.”

2. Prior to this scene, Quentin Frady’s (Henry Zebrowski) evo sister was kidnapped. Quentin’s search for answers has led him to HRG. “He comes off like a wing nut, except we know he’s onto something.”

3. June 13 is the date of the summit explosion disaster that achieved 9/11-type infamy.

4. A play on the Latin word for “reborn,” Renautas is a company that figures into this season in a major way.

5. Scientist Mohinder Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) has been blamed for the attack. “The show had always posited this idea there was an evolutionary reason for the people with powers; it’s a hopeful idea that we continue here,” says Kring.

6. Kring throws in words, like Truther and patsy, associated with U.S. conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11 and the JFK assassination. “There’s a lot of specific detail to this conspiracy, so it helps the audience to ride on top of archetypical terms in other conspiracy stories.”

7. A hint that HRG’s memory has been altered. “What’s great about HRG’s journey is he uncovers the show’s whole backstory along the way, so you don’t need to have watched [the original series]. In many ways, his character is the spine of the story.”

8. The show’s new term for people with powers. “You don’t need to label something if the public isn’t aware of it,” says Kring. “It’s only after Claire brought them out of the closet that there became this need to stratify.”

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