By Ariana Bacle
September 11, 2015 at 03:56 PM EDT

Susan Sarandon knows how to throw a memorial: The actress brought some of Timothy Leary’s ashes to Burning Man and led a parade of people through the festival before burning the ashes in a newly built temple. She detailed the story on a visit to Kimmel earlier this week, but luckily, there’s now video of the whole thing.

In the video, Sarandon remembers Leary, who conducted multiple now-famous LSD-focused experiments throughout his life before dying at age 75 in 1996. “For anyone who doesn’t know who Timothy Leary is, and you’ve taken acid, you should be ashamed of yourself,” Sarandon jokes before calling him a “prophet.”

“Timothy Leary, for those of you who don’t, was the leader of the whole thing to take LSD away from the CIA and make it a means of exploration for everybody … He’s called the father of this movement,” she explained. “He had an enormous amount of faith in the future, in youth.”

While most of Leary’s ashes were sent into space after his death, he left some for select people — including Sarandon, who decided Burning Man was the place to leave them after her first trip to the annual gathering. “For everyone who’s joined in the sacrament tonight, I’m really happy to hear, there’s a lot of you,” Sarandon says, “and he’d be so happy to know this is going on here.”

Watch the ceremony (and the Kimmel clip).

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