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Anything on The Flash would be great, especially regarding Iris West or WestAllen, thank you! — What Other Girls?

How about scoop on everyone? Apparently I’m a big fan of lightning rounds because I got EP Andrew Kreisberg to give me a quick scoop for each Flash character. Ready? Set. Scoop! Barry: “New love.” Iris: “Face from the past.” Caitlin: “Brrrr.” Cisco: “Metahuman.” Wells: “Alive?” Joe: “Stalwart.” Ronnie: “Bravery.” Henry: “Heart.” Jay: “Broken.” Patty: “Delightful.”

Will Once Upon a Time explore any storylines for Belle outside of Rumple this season? — Kelley

If you’re wondering whether we’ll see any flashbacks to Belle in her pre-Rumple days, “That might happen,” executive producer Edward Kitsis says. “I would say that the second half of the season is looking a lot like some of our past will come back to haunt us.”

For Arrow, anything Merlyn other than his connection to the resurrection? — Raissa

I’ll let EP Marc Guggenheim take this: “The best way to put it is its father knows worst,” he says. “Malcolm comes into the story very much more in the role of Thea’s father than in the role of the Head of the League of Assassins. It’s so much fun to play with Malcolm as dad because his choices are just very unusual. Much to the chagrin of Thea, he doesn’t handle things the way a typical father would.”

How will Tom Keen fit into the new season of The Blacklist? — Karin

He’s basically switched places with Liz. “Tom has been cleared and Liz is now a fugitive on the run,” EP Jon Bokenkamp says. “They’re completely flipped in who they are and almost also in the way they approach the situation — she’s now feeling the desperation of being a criminal and trying to operate in the shadows, and he’s trying to come clean and trying to redeem himself in her eyes. Tom was sailing off to white sands and blue beaches and felt it was over. What he doesn’t know is she assassinated the Attorney General of the United States. When he catches wind of this, he’ll have something to say about it and will not want to sit back.”

Does Bonnie feel any guilt over what’s going on with Elena on The Vampire Diaries? — Lucy

In short, yes. “She has survivor’s remorse,” executive producer Julie Plec tells me. “But she doesn’t want to be punished for it, either, so she’s trying to take a stand against anybody that would make her feel bad that she survived.”

Where does the new season of Gotham pick up? — Zac

There’s a mini-time jump in the season premiere, which finds Jim working the streets as a beat cop after being demoted. He may be down, but trust me when I tell you that he’s not out. In fact, we’ll see him go to great lengths to achieve his goals, even if that means being on the wrong side of the law and getting his hands a little (or a lot) dirty.

Shonda promised it’s finally time for Jolex’s story in season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy. Any hint about what can be their storyline? Thanks! — Ana

Believe it or not, executive producer Shonda Rimes planned to tell a big storyline with them last season, but it had to be sidelined so the show could facilitate Patrick Dempsey’s exit. Therefore, the duo will be stepping more into the spotlight this year. “They’re really cute,” Rhimes says. “I’m enjoying them. We’re watching Alex be more of a man. I also think we’ve been talking about this idea of him being more of a man in everybody’s life in a weird way. He feels a responsibility for Meredith in a brotherly way, and he’s got Jo. There’s a lot of romance going on there. They’re going to be struggling through the problems of any relationship.”

Got any scoop on the new season of American Horror Story? — Harriet

Angelina Jolie is connected to this season of AHS! How, you ask? Remember how our resident AHS expert Tim Stack revealed that Mare Winningham is returning to the franchise in Hotel? On the show, her character’s child is kidnapped by Gordon Northcott, the guy portrayed in Clint Eastwood’s The Changeling.

What kind of new monsters will we be seeing on Sleepy Hollow? — lilslim142000

I’ve got three for you. 1. The show is taking on one of the greatest unsolved series of murders in modern history when an instrument of evil unleashes Jack the Ripper. 2. We’re going to meet The Abyzou, which is basically a tooth fairy — but not like one you’ve ever seen before — who has, unbeknownst to Crane, plagued his mission in both his lifetimes. 3. The undead rise in the form of Draugur, a battalion of undead British soldiers who return under the command of the demonic turncoat General Howe to finish the mission they started 240 years ago.

Even though Phil and Carol have left Tucson, will we see other characters on Last Man on Earth this season? — Lia

What happened to the characters left behind will be addressed rather quickly. “If I were them, I would leave Tuscon, because it’s the worst place to set up camp,” EP Chris Miller says. “The majority of this season does not take place in Tucson. We were feeling like the show was getting a little bit contained and we wanted to get back to the roots of the show and open it up a little bit.”

Best news I’ve heard all week: You’re the Worst is finally back — and if you’re not watching it, I’m not sure that we can be friends.

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Additional reporting by Tim Stack.

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