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After a long dispute, Donald Trump has purchased NBC’s half of the Miss Universe Organization and settled his legal disputes with the network, EW has confirmed.

The disagreement began back in June, following a controversial speech delivered by Trump as he announced his candidacy for president. On the steps of Trump Tower in front of gathered press and like-minded supporters, he accused Mexican immigrants of “bringing drugs” and “bringing crime” into the U.S.; he also referred to them as “rapists,” adding, “And some, I assume, are good people.” Trump also said that the “problems” are “coming from more than Mexico. It’s coming from all over South and Latin America.”

In response, Univision — the largest Spanish-language broadcaster in America — decided not to air the the Spanish-language simulcast of the Miss USA pageant on July 12, as previously planned. Miss USA, part of the Miss Universe Organization, was co-owned at the time by both Trump and NBC.

Not long following Univision’s announcement, NBC, too, decided not to air the Miss USA pageant, citing Trump’s “derogatory comments” as the cause.

Later, Trump insisted on Twitter that Univision had “apologized” to him but that he would not accept: “I will be suing them for a lot of money.” Indeed he did. He filed a $500 million lawsuit, telling People that it was part of his presidential campaign: “It shows that we don’t back down, it shows that I protect the border and it shows that we don’t want [undocumented immigrants] coming into the country.”

Now, on Friday, the GOP candidate announced he’d bought NBC’s half of the Miss Universe Organization and “settled all lawsuits against them,” adding, “stay tuned!” to the message.

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