By Dalton Ross
Updated September 11, 2015 at 06:18 PM EDT
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Viewers of Big Brother will no longer be seeing double as Julia Nolan was evicted last night instead of her twin sister, Liz. We caught up with Julia on her way to the jury house to ask her about her time on the show … as both Julia and (posing as) Liz.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You offered to leave so Liz could stay because you felt she had a better chance of winning. Does the fact that it went down that way make being eliminated easier to swallow?

JULIA NOLAN: Yes, absolutely. Since the eviction was expected, it was easier for me to handle.

If it had come to it and Liz had to choose whether to keep you or Austin, whom do you think she would have picked?

OMG!! Obviously me! No doubt in my mind! Sisters before misters!!!

Which was more fun, playing (secretly) as Liz or playing as Julia?

It was nice to come in as Julia, but it was more challenging being Liz so it was more fun for me to play another person. I was essentially an “actress” since I was pretending to be someone else! Obviously, I wasn’t very good at it because people started to realize week 2! Kind of a fail! Ha!

So are you now clear on the difference between Sigmund Freud and Siegfried and Roy?

Yes! Very clear! I am eternally embarrassed!!

Outside of your sister, whom would you say is playing the best game in the house so far?

It’s a tie between Austin and Vanessa. Like Zingbot said, Vanessa is the mastermind. Vanessa is very good with words. She obviously has the social game down and is also good in physical challenges. Austin, being a huge Big Brother fan, knows a lot about the game and is also very intelligent. Both of them are pretty much tied for who I think is playing the best game (outside of my sister).

Do you think Vanessa telling you to pick to go against Austin in the veto competition was bad strategic advice or do you think she was playing you?

I don’t think she had any bad intentions. I do think it was bad strategic advice. Unfortunately for me, I listened to her and had to deal with the consequences. I was always able to trust her as she was one of my closest allies. I never had a reason to doubt her. I thought she knew more about the situation than I knew because there’s always something with Austin. I couldn’t fully trust him because of his conversation with Jason that Vanessa told me about.

How do you feel about Austin dating your sister and why have you all not talked him out of that ponytail beard yet?

I think that they are a very adorable couple. At first, I was a little apprehensive about him because he had a mentioned having a girlfriend coming in. However, he cleared up his situation back home and officially asked my sister to be his girlfriend! We tried to convince him to cut off his ponytail beard but he was not budging and I don’t think he ever will. That ponytail is here to stay!

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