The Republican candidate called into the ABC show on its third day

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The View took the baton from Stephen Colbert on Thursday by using Donald Trump as a way to gin up interest. But unlike the new host of The Late Show, the gals of the ABC show interviewed Trump via phone about his stance on immigration, Carly Fiorina’s face, and whether he’d share a ticket with Kanye West.

“The thing I like most about Kanye West is he always speaks so nicely about me,” said Trump about West, who announced his intent to run for president at the recent VMAs. “So I’ll never hit anyone that frankly speaks nicely about me.”

Trump tried to downplay his recent comments about the face of fellow candidate Fiorina, whom he disparaged in a Rolling Stone interview by saying “look at that face. Would anyone vote for that?” Trump told The View that he wasn’t trying to make fun of her looks.

“I’m talking about personage. She failed miserably at Hewlett-Packard, she failed at Lucent, she then ran for Senate, lost in a landslide, and now she’s running for president,” Trump said. “We need someone who’s successful. I made a tremendous fortune, we need people that can change our country. Our country is being beaten at every single stage, including foreign trade.”

When asked what he would want to say to female voters, Trump replied, “I cherish women and I will protect women and I will take care of women and I have great respect for women.”

Trump repeated his comments about how “thousands” of immigrants are pouring through the southern borders and how “with that comes tremendous crime. And as you remember when I first announced, a lot of people hit me on that, now they’re all admitting I was right.” He added that his hard stance on immigration won him some support: “I have great relationships with people from Mexico, with the Hispanics. By the way I came in number one in the Hispanic poll last week.”

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