By Andrea Towers
Updated September 10, 2015 at 01:02 PM EDT

Last year, Matthew McConaughey captured our televisions with both his True Detective performance and those suave Lincoln Motors commercials. In an aim to recapture McConaughey’s magic, the company is debuting a new set of commercials directed by Gus Van Sant, which will air this weekend during ABC’s Sunday Night Football.

Promoting Lincoln’s new MKX crossover SUV, the three ads — Welcome, Arrival, and Winning Hand — showcase the actor’s aura with an addition of smooth jazz and sleek style, and also combine to tell a story: this time, a tale of McConaughey getting ready for a game of poker.

Let’s hope that the 30-second ads fare better than the last feature Van Sant directed with McConaughey, Sea of Trees, which didn’t exactly receive the best reception at Cannes.

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