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Few, if any, sitcom characters have suffered more indignities than Paul Scheer‘s admittedly idiotic plastic surgeon Dr. Andre Nowzick has endured on The League, the fantasy football sitcom whose final season premieres Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on FXX.

“In the course of this show I have been pooped on, I have been beaten, I have been left at the altar, I have been run over, arrested,” Scheer tells EW. “This show has treated this character so badly over the years that I think a lot of people think Andre may go postal at the end — just gun down his friends, finally, to get them back.”

But wait! Things are actually looking up for the fedora-loving Andre — at the start of the season, at least. “I think the most interesting thing about my character this year is that he is in a little bit of a renaissance,” says Scheer, whose chief onscreen tormentors are played by Mark Duplass and Nick Kroll, among others. “I was the champion last year. He’s dating someone who’s very shocking — which will come out in the first episode — and his practice is doing good. He is not the low man on the totem pole this season, so it’s interesting to see a little bit of high-status Andre. I’m still going to wear the same crappy fedoras. [But] he’s upgraded himself.”

Is Scheer hoping his character will be gifted a happy ending by the show’s creators and executive producers, Jeff and Jackie Schaffer? “I’m definitely rooting for that,” says the comedian. “Who knows? Jeff and Jackie are pretty sick, twisted people. Maybe the whole cast dies at the end. Unless Andre kills them all, which is a very strong possibility. It would be the first time ever a main character kills off all his costars on a TV show. And I think, Why not?”

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