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Making a Scene

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James Franco grew up admiring dramatic actors — Marlon Brando, River Phoenix, James Dean, to name a few — but after starring in comedies like 2008’s Pineapple Express and 2013’s This Is The End, he realized, “People like it when I do comedies,” the actor tells EW. So now he’s giving the people what they want in the second season of AOL web series Making a Scene.

The first season saw Franco and his team reenacting famous movies mashed up together — think Dirty Dancing and Reservoir Dogs — but this season, they decided to make the switch to television. “TV’s so big right now, and we’re in this new golden age of TV that it would be good to change it up,” Franco says of ditching film for the smaller screen.

After making that decision, they went online and asked fans what TV shows they wanted to see represented on Making a Scene. The results? Gossip Girl with a Western flair, Sex and the City combined with Breaking Bad and Dexter meets Married with Children.

Franco says the season’s “most involved” scene though was one that remakes Game of Thrones as a mockumentary-style sitcom. “There’s even a direwolf costume,” he says. “And then on top of that, there was a ton of fake blood that we were literally just throwing around with buckets.” So like the Red Wedding — but funnier.

New episodes of Making a Scene are available to watch on AOL Wednesdays at 12 a.m. ET, and the season premiere is now streaming here. Ahead is a trailer for season 2, which includes a glimpse of Franco in the Iron Throne.

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Making a Scene

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