September 09, 2015 at 01:43 PM EDT

James Corden had some kind words for new Late Show host Stephen Colbert on The Late Late Show. Corden praised Colbert, saying he couldn’t think of anyone better to be watching than his new lead-in.

The host then said CBS hired sign spinners to promote the new Late Show. But Corden insisted that Colbert wasn’t the only one benefiting from the generous CBS advertising.

“We here at the Late Late Show were not last in line when the promotional dollars came trickling down,” Corden said. “Let’s just say CBS really made it rain on sweet baby James and the gang.”

The next clip showed a smiling, suit-clad Corden standing outside with one of the Late Show sign twirlers. Corden held up his own cardboard sign that read: “And The Late Late Show w James Corden!”

Good to see the bump in the advertising budget is paying off for sweet baby James and the gang.

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