Presidential nominee talks Kanye West, 'Scandal' and does the Whip/Nae Nae
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For the season 13 premiere week, The Ellen DeGeneres Show flew to New York City for two shows, including an interview with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

As expected, Clinton spoke about the usual political topics. She apologized (again) for the email controversy, addressed women’s rights, and expressed her disappointment in the Republican debates. But there were also plenty of light-hearted moments throughout the appearance as Clinton talked about everything from her love of Tabasco sauce to the thought of Kanye West as a presidential candidate in 2020. Below, we’ve rounded up the six best tidbits from the show.

1. Watch her Whip, watch her Nae Nae

Just when we were resigned to the fact that Clinton wouldn’t be dancing, she surprised the audience during a commercial break by learning the Whip/Nae Nae dance from DJ Stephen “Twitch” Boss. Because the Whip/Nae Nae is now required if you want to get in with the younger crowd.

2. She’s a fan of Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer dropped by in the hopes of skating at Rockefeller Center with DeGeneres, but when she refused, Schumer made plans with Clinton instead. As she skated away, Clinton said, “I love her. I love the fact that she’s going after gun violence,” referring to her efforts for increased gun control. New dream dinner party guest list: Amy Schumer, Jennifer Lawrence, and Hillary Clinton.

3. Grandma dearest

The former Secretary of State gushed about her granddaughter, Charlotte. At almost one year old, she can’t say much yet, but Clinton is waiting to see what name the toddler will call her: “Well, you know I’m fine with ‘Grandma,’ I’m fine with ‘Madam President’ – I mean, whatever.”

4. What’s on her TiVo?

We already know that Clinton watches The Good Wife and Parks and Recreation, and now we can add Scandal to the list. “I especially like the story of the First Lady running for Senate. And she’s got a really great campaign manager [played by Portia de Rossi].” We see what you did there, Hill.

5. A new BFF

DeGeneres brought out 5-year-old presidential expert Macey Hensley to chat with the former First Lady, and the pair bonded instantly. Clinton talked of their mutual love for the Amelia Bedelia books, played with her hair, and even brought Macey a T-shirt from the Clinton Presidential Library. But the best part? When Macey came onto the stage in a mini replica of the royal blue pantsuit Clinton was wearing. Twinsies!

Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

6. Kanye for president?

DeGeneres asked how Clinton felt about Kanye West’s VMAs declaration that he has decided to run for president in 2020. “I heard him make the announcement, and he said he wanted to run in 2020,” Clinton said. “I would only ask him, if I’m running for reelection, to wait.” Does that rule out a West/Clinton ticket?

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