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There’s no shortage of TV reboots, sequel series, and revivals making fans pine for the shows of old, and that nostalgia has apparently hit the stars of those shows as well.

Frankie Muniz broached the idea of a Malcolm in the Middle sequel series over the weekend — which he called Malcolm in the Mid-Life Crisis in a tweet. When asked if he would seriously considered the project, should the opportunity ever arise, Muniz said he was just putting the idea out there to see what the reaction would be like.

Malcolm in the Middle ran for seven seasons on Fox until it ended in 2006. Muniz starred as the titular Malcolm, the gifted middle child in a family of originally four, then five boys with parents layed by Jane Kaczmarek and a pre-crystal blue persuasion Bryan Cranston. The show won several Emmys throughout its run and ended up on EW’s list of the New TV Classics.

Whether a Malcolm sequel series is a distant dream or more of a possibility thanks to the reality of something like Fuller House, if the idea takes off, hopefully Muniz will then use his sway to push for Agent Cody Banks 3: Banks Is Back.

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Malcolm in the Middle
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