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Heading into its second season, the biggest change that Gotham is making has nothing to do with its heroes or villains, but rather, how it’s telling its story. As star Ben McKenzie told EW, the show is looking to become much more serialized in its sophomore season, leaving behind the idea of introducing a new villain and then getting rid of that same villain in one episode.

With that foundational shift in mind, here’s what else you need to know before watching season 2:

How did last season end?

To sum things up quickly: Maroni is dead, Fish Mooney is dead, and Penguin is now the king of Gotham. Also, Nygma has committed his first murder, as has Barbara, who was last seen attacking Leslie. And let’s not forget about Bruce’s latest discovery — a cave full of bats!

Who’s coming to Gotham?

Well, a lot of people — and most of them are bad. Aside from the addition of Michael Chiklis as Captain Nathaniel Barnes, the show is adding a plethora of villains, from Clayface and Mr. Freeze to Flamingo, Firefly, Tigress, and the questionable Silver St. Cloud … to name a few.

What can fans expect from the plot?

At this point, the plot of seaosn 2 is a bit of a mystery. We know that things pick up just moments after Bruce discovered the cave, but from there, the show will jump ahead a few months to find Gotham now in the rule of Penguin. As for James Gordon? Well, he’s experiencing life as a traffic cop.

What about the Joker?

Although we can’t yet call him the Joker, Cameron Monaghan’s Jerome is going to play a big role, particularly at the beginning of the season. As a sneak peek clip showed, Jerome finds himself bonding with other villains in Arkham, including the newest resident: Barbara. Speaking of Barbara, Erin Richards told EW that episode 3 will include a black tie event that will end in a shocking moment that she described as “a huge moment for one of the big villains.”

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