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Updated September 05, 2015 at 02:40 PM EDT

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Steve Harvey hosted a miniature version of Family Feud on The Tonight Show Friday night, pitting Jimmy Fallon against The Roots.

“The Fallon Family” included Sleeping with Other People star Alison Brie and announcer Steve Higgins, while “The Roots Family” included band-members Questlove, Tariq, and James Poyser. The Fallon Family became like kids — prematurely celebrating and provoking Harvey at various times.

When Harvey asked Fallon for a nickname he might call his spouse, Fallon channeled another game show: “What is ‘dear,’ Steve?”

Harvey was not pleased with the Jeopardy! style answer.

“What the hell do you keep saying ‘what is’ for?” he asked. “This is Family Feud. Family Feud is the new No. 1 game show in the country today.”

Fallon then asked if the word “jealous” was on the board, prompting Harvey to remind Fallon that “he ain’t the only one with a hit show.”

Watch the clip below to see The Roots defeat The Fallon Family and to hear Fallon say the words “Boo Boo Kitty.”

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